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Hot insulation for Pipes, Boilers, Ducts and Vessels

Rockwool Insulation Products


IPC Industries is a proud supplier of Rockwool insulation products to the sub-saharan african markets. Rockwool is the leading manufacturer of mineral wool in the world and boast the lowest shot content in the market, therefor ensuring that you are paying for insulation and not metal balls. The design and production of Rockwool insulation allows it to handle temperatures of +750° C, which means it also has excellent k-values. A CE rating comes with all Rockwool products, meaning that any advertised values are guaranteed and can be backed up with all certificates and datasheets. Our products are stringently tested to both EN and ASTM standards, which means that your specifications will be met.

There is a lot of information available as well on http://www.export.rockwool-rti.com/



Rockwool Pipe Sections

IPC Industries’ Rockwool Pipe Sections are CNC cut with minimal tolerances. The randomized fiber pattern ensures rigidity of the pipe sections, therefor guaranteeing that they perform as well as rolled pipe sections.

rockwool elbows

Rockwool Elbows and T-Pieces

Rockwool Elbows are supplied as a complete 2 piece option. There is no Miter cutting reducing the chances of Thermal loss. We are the only company that can produce the elbows in Southern Africa.

Rockwool Datasheet Downloads
rockwool mattress

Rockwool Mattress

Rockwool mattresses are specifically designed for boilers, ducting and odd shapes. Rockwool mattresses boast the lowest shot-content in the industry, guaranteeing a shot-content of less than 8%.