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thermal insulation
cold insulation

Hot Insulation

Hot Insulation products are supplied and manufactured by IPC Industries in various forms of Pipe Sections, Boards, Fittings and Mattresses.

Cladding Sheet Metals

In addition to the insulation materials we produce, We also manufactures galvanised, aluminium and stainless steel jacketing, sheets & elbows

sheet metal

Cold Insulation

Just like hot insulation materials, some of the materials used to produce cold insulation vary dependent upon the system of pipes they are insulating.

Acoustic Insulation

whether you need to isolate noise, or eliminate external interference, our world class materials and products will see you achieve your goal.

calcium Silicate

Cryongenic Insulation

A commonly used method of passive thermal insulation for the safe transport of cryogens, such as liquid natural gas (LNG).

Tools & Hardware

IPC Industries is a registered agents with Hitachi and Makita, and product information and prices are available on request.

Choose your Temperature range

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