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IPC Industries as a brand has a legacy, and the good news is that we are only getting started!

IPC Industries

Our brand has a legacy, and the good news is that we are only getting started!


Simplifying the installation process of Thermal Insulation products

IPC industries journey started in a small factory in Alrode South by Len Collins. After Len passed away, his son, Barry Collins took over as the leader of the pack.

From a small operation, Barry pushed IPC Industries to the next level and grew the company into the next era. With a focus on design and innovation, he came up with a new range of products with the aim of simplifying the installation process of Thermal Insulation products.

IPC Industries
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Our Past

Barry (MD of IPC Industries) introduced pre-fabricated pipe sections, elbows and bends to the industry, and soon, others followed. Driven by passion, instilling a sense of family, he created a working environment that resulted in a loyal staff compliment.

When a fire broke out in the factory in 2007 and destroyed the entire premises, Barry braved the flames and ran into the blaze to retrieve one of the computers that had all the back up files stored on the hard drive. This allowed IPC Industries to kick back into operation one week later from a new premises. The factory was rebuilt on a bigger, better platform that allowed us to expand our offering and double profits.

Our Present

With more than 21 years in the Thermal Insulation industry, IPC Industries is still going strong. We have survived a change in leadership, fire, financial crisis, industry challenges and global economic downfall. To date, we have never faced retrenchment, we still have staff members that have been with IPC from the beginning.

As our business grew, so did our operations, sales team and management. We saw the need for a more controlled environment, so Roche Steyn was promoted to the role of General Manager. Under his leadership, IPC runs like a well oiled machine. From the sales staff through to the tea lady, over the years he has won their respect and trust. Our clients love him, and he is a true ambassador and brand champion. He has an attitude of; “IPC all the way, baby…”, and it resonates throughout the company.

Our survival in desperate financial times can largely be contributed to the financial savvy of Terence Wall. Not only is he the financial member of the company, but also (often) fills “father figure” role of the IPC family. You will often hear him say; “we are a family, we look after each other. That goes for one and all…”

As we grew, we started looking at diversification. With that, in 2014, we invested in a new department; IPC Acoustics. Under the leadership of Insulation veteran Stephen Warden, IPC Acoustics have already started showing a profit and has become a force to be reckoned with.

Our Future

And so we find ourselves as a solid unit that will do what it takes to deliver on our clients’ needs. Focused on innovation and quick turnaround times, professional advice and excellence. Our brand has a legacy, and the good news is that we are only getting started!


We pride ourselves on the fact that we have the youngest leadership in the industry. That means longevity!